Puppy Socialization Class

Puppy socialization classes foster positive behaviour and social skills in young dogs.

Puppies go through a critical socialization period between 2 and 5 months of age where they learn how to act and interact with the world around them appropriately. This is the time when positive exposure to people, pets, grooming, and situations becomes crucial to creating a confident, happy adult.

Do you also offer private behaviour counselling and training?

Although we do not offer private training, we can discuss proper training methods and have a number of resources and private trainers/behaviourists we can give clients to best suit their needs.

When should my puppy start school?

There are puppy classes offered as young as 8 weeks old. Ensure your puppy has gotten its first set of booster vaccines and proper prevention before interacting with other animals. Introducing your puppy to different situations, people, and pets outside the home in positive non-stressful ways will set the stage for how your puppy will react to these situations as it ages.

Where do you offer socialization classes?

Depending on your area, we have a few puppy classes available in the area such as Canine College. Please let one of our team members know that you are interested and we can provide you with more details.

What are the training methods used to train puppies?

The most common training methods include positive reinforcement (rewarding good behaviour with treats and praise or toys, and ignoring or redirecting bad behaviour) or clicker training (rewarding behaviours leading up to the behaviour you want with a “click” that your dog has associated with a treat or praise for a good behaviour). Puppy classes or personal trainers can show you different positive training techniques to try. Consistency is key and having the whole family involved in your puppy’s training will be both rewarding for the family and your puppy.

Do classes take dogs from puppyhood to advanced obedience?

There are classes for all ages and types of dogs. Dogs never stop learning and adult dogs can learn new tricks or behaviours at any age.

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