Pet euthanasia provides a compassionate farewell, offering relief from pain and discomfort.

Euthanasia is a difficult time and a difficult decision to make. However, no other person knows your cat like you do and you will know when the time is right. We offer in-hospital euthanasia as a service for your cat and a support staff will be able to assist you during this difficult time.

When should I consider pet euthanasia?

No one knows your cat better than you. You will know when they are no longer living their best life and it may be time to consider humane euthanasia.

What is the process for cat euthanasia?

At Queensway we try to make this hard time as easy as possible for yourself and your cat. We start the process by taking your pet for an IV catheter placement. This is followed by an overdose of anesthetic which is quick and peaceful for the cat.

Do you do house calls?

At this time Queensway does not provide at-home euthanasia.

Can I stay with my cat during euthanasia?

Yes, Queensway offers all owners to be present during Euthanasia if they choose to.

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